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History in the making

About tap truck

From a crazy idea to reality
History in the making

About tap truck

From a crazy idea to reality

How We roll

Tap Truck 419 will be hitting the pavement very soon! Our vintage panel truck will be completely restored into a stunning Mobile bar that adds a touch of class to any event.

Standing next to our vintage mobile bar truck, will make you forget what time period you’re in. Some of our classic panel trucks favorite drinks to pour are locally crafted blonde brews and hazy IPAs!

We started this business out of a love for two things, people and beer. Meet Nick and Sierra. The owners of Tap Truck 419. Nick was always looking for the next best business adventure and one day he saw an advertisement for Tap Truck on Facebook and started researching the brand. He came to Sierra and said ” I finally found our business. Sierra actually loved this idea because of our love for craft beer and wine. We loved the idea of bringing people together and serving them drinks out of a classic car.

Nick and Sierra’s own adventure all started with a beer, fast forward now 12 years later, they are married, with a son and two fur babies. They like to spend a lot of their time watching their son play sports, but in their free time they enjoy going to local breweries and wineries with friends. Everytime they are at one they always talk about how cool it would be to build a relationship with them and be able to serve their drinks with Tap Truck at other events. We are honored to be a part of the Tap Truck Family and look forward to assisting you with your “pour” decisions.

We Work With You To Bring Your Mobile Bar Vision to Life, Stress Free.

Creating memorable moments is our speciality. We roll up to your event in our vintage truck customized and ready to serve your favorite craft beer, cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages that Northwest Ohio has to offer. There’s no place too classy and non too casual.

From 50 guests to 500, you invite ‘em, we’ll serve ‘em!


Your final quote will depend on your event, headcount and types of beverages. We include a custom built bar, custom menus, 2 Taptenders, general and liquor liability, cups and ice with your custom quote.

Truck Rental

Truck rental is per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Your truck rental fee will depend on the type of event.

Reserve your mobile bar!

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